Thursday, 14 June 2018

WALT: Researching What people Would have to eat on Mars, this is me and James's presentation about it.


Thursday, 29 March 2018

My Writing - The Ruin video

WALT: Engage our audience with our writing We’ll be successful if we have: 
  • Used Sensory details 
  • Created a Visual for the reader 
  • NOT used redundant words e.g. green grass 
  • Described ONE overlooked item
  • Wednesday, 28 March 2018

    Chicken poster

    Right now my reading group are reading a book called 'Putting Animals to Work'. It is about animals that work for people and how people look after those animals. In this book it includes 'Training Elephants', which is about good and cruel ways that people train Elephants. 'Battery Hens should be banned' is about people trying to ban battery hens. 'Lights! Camera! Bark!' is about dogs in movies and how they are trained to be in movies. The last one is 'Apes need Rights' which is about people doing medical research on apes and how people want to legally protect them. Jessica and I picked to do a
    poster about banning battery hens and why. And this is our one . . . 

    Wednesday, 21 March 2018

    Hayden's Most Dangerous Situaiton ( descriptive writing)

    I've been working on descriptive writing about a dangerous thing that could happen. I have tried to give the reader a picture in their mind.  ENJOY!!

    Wednesday, 14 March 2018

    All about me 2018

    This is my presentation about me, it also has lots
     of logos of websites, games and things that I like.


    Wednesday, 27 September 2017

    The Pepper Problem - Narrative writing

    WALA: writing a great narrative with an: orientation, complication, Series of Events and a Resolution for all the characters.  We also used good phrases and speech and thoughts of the characters.

    Here is mine about Greedy Cat - The Pepper Problem


    The Pepper Problem

    Early one morning a soft round-faced Mum dropped Kate off at school, the very next second Mum had arrived at the market.

    At the local shop where Mum and was at, a stripy, oval shaped cat was lurking behind a shelf.  He was as quiet as a mouse as he sneaked up on Mum, hoping to see her put some sausages or another yummy food in the bag.  
    “Oh, boy I like sausages!” he whispered to himself.

    Mum walked to school to bring Kate home.  As she walked through the door she saw Greedy cat.
    “Mmmm! I want some food,” thought Greedy cat.  Little did he know Mum was watching and had put some food that was a can of pepper in the bag to trick him. Along came Greedy cat,  totally unawares.  He peered in the shopping bag.
    “Gobble, gobble” gulped Greedy cat.  Suddenly he realised he’d eaten some hot pepper!
    “YOOOOOOW!” screeched Greedy cat as he zoomed out the cat door.  
    “I’m never going to eat food from mum again.  Ever, ever, ever!”  He thought to himself.
    “My plan worked,” chuckled mum, looking out the window watching Greedy cat choking on the lawn.

    Saturday, 2 September 2017

    The Chocolate Problem - where will I get the most? (from my old blog)

    We are learning about ways we can think about solving problems.  This one was about shares of chocolate so pretty much fractions.